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The Things I Learn About God From My Kids

The other day, one of my boys was beside himself because he had lost a lego character that he was wanting to play with. Lets just say it was quite the tragedy. I was trying to fix dinner and in my frustration I said, I don't really care about your lego character, but I will help you when I am done. The spirit whispered to me "Your Heavenly Father cares when you lose your car keys, you have witnessed his blessings yourself. Why wouldn't he care about your son's lego toy, and why shouldn't you? If it is important to him, shouldn't you take interest?" No sooner had this thought come, when my boy walks around the corner and says "Mom! I have said 3 prayers and I still can't find it! I am never going to find it." and he began to sob. I had been humbled. The spirit was right. I have asked Heavenly Father for help with numerous meaningless things, and was so often blessed with help, and I couldn't be bothered to help my little boy? Wow! That was perspective for me.

I then asked him what he was asking for in his prayers. He simply asked his Heavenly Father to help him find it. I felt this to be a wonderful teaching moment for us and knelt down with him and told him we could say a prayer together. I intended to coach him through the prayer, but he wanted me to say it. I asked him about all of the things that he was already feeling thankful for that day, and had him list several. We then proceeded to say a prayer, thanking Heavenly Father for all of those things he had listed, and then expressing our knowledge of the insignificance of the Lego toy in the eternal perspective, but how important it is to him in this moment. We then asked that if he was willing to help us, it would mean so much if we could know where to look.

When we got up, we walked into his room where he was playing with the toys on his bed. The ladder had been put away and he had been climbing up and down the side of his bed without it. I wasn't about to attempt to hulk my body up the side of his bed, and as we moved some clothing aside to put up the ladder, low and behold, there was the Lego character that caused so much emotion. He was so grateful and excited. I encouraged him to immediately express his thanks to his Heavenly Father for being thoughtful of him. Then I exited the room to say my own prayer of gratitude for helping me to not only understand that it only takes a couple of minutes to be a better mom and help when my kids are struggling with something, but for giving me a special teaching moment with my boy.

I am so grateful when my Heavenly Father puts things into perspective for me. I am also grateful to know that silly little things, even Lego characters, can be important to him when one of his precious children comes to him for help. He loves each and every one of us, even when the things we are looking for may not really be as important as we think they are.

Keep your head up. He's listening. He hasn't forgotten about you or what you are struggling with. He really does care about you.

Have a beautiful day!

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